ECE I Celebrates Thanksgiving

Students in Mrs. Nettie Byrd’s ECE IB class held a traditional Thanksgiving dinner during class. The ladies discussed a nutritionally balanced meal, manners, table setting, table etiquette, manners and proper table conversation. Pictured during their meal are ECE students Haze Craft, Kailee Farrish, Skylar Beliew, Keely Foster, Mrs. Byrd, and Valarie Gainwell.

CPR Training

CPR is a skill that can save a person’s life regardless of their age.  The HEALTHCARE AND CLINICAL SERVICES along with EARLY CHILDHOOD 2 classes joined together and received their BASIC LIFE SUPPORT CERTIFICATION from the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION. This was a very life changing and energetic experience! Todd Mitchell, who is a paramedic for Medstat, was the CPR educator. This was an exciting time and learning experience for both classes.  If someone was to die in one of these students’ eyes, they are now certified to bring the victim back to life until licensed help arrives!


Industry Visit to Wal Mart Construction Site

On October 19, Construction and Metal Fabrication classes toured the construction site of the future Walmart store in Yazoo City. Three classes were given a tour and asked questions of supervisors with Clark Construction Company. City building inspector Russ Carter helped the vocational staff arrange the tours. “Clark Construction was thrilled to do it,” Carter said. “They said they’ve never been asked to do anything like that before.” Pictured are Summers Vocational students as they toured the site.